MMIF consumer

A MMIF consumer discuss in this document is a web application that is designed for CLAMS appliance integration. The CLAMS appliance provides a turn-key installation of CLAMS-Galaxy instance. Please refer to the appliance documentation to learn more about the appliance.

MMIF consumer can be implemented with any language. However a MMIF consumer must meet these requirements to be compatible with the CLAMS appliance.

  1. The code must be hosted on a public git repository (e.g. Github, Gitlab, …)

  2. Must listen to 5000 port.

  3. Must expose /display route .

  4. /display router should response to GET requests.

  5. In the GET request, a public URL of the input MMIF file is passed via file URL parameter.

  6. On the codebase root, there must be a Dockerfile that can build a docker image that runs the web app.

We provide an example consumer at