mmif.vocabulary module

mmif.vocabulary.annotation_types module

class mmif.vocabulary.annotation_types.AnnotationTypes(value)[source]

Bases: AnnotationTypesBase

This enum contains the URIs for the MMIF annotation types defined in the spec version 0.3.1. Use this to quickly get the correct URIs for those types, or use the objects themselves in your code and they will serialize to the strings.

Alignment = ''[source]
Annotation = ''[source]
BoundingBox = ''[source]
Chapter = ''[source]
Interval = ''[source]
Polygon = ''[source]
Region = ''[source]
Relation = ''[source]
Span = ''[source]
TimeFrame = ''[source]
TimePoint = ''[source]
VideoObject = ''[source]
class mmif.vocabulary.annotation_types.AnnotationTypesBase(value)[source]

Bases: ThingTypesBase

Inherit from this class to build your own custom annotation vocabularies. Each member’s name should be the name of the type, and each member’s value should be the URI of that type.

mmif.vocabulary.media_types module