IIIF 2021

2021-06-23: We present the CLAMS on how we are using IIIF for visualizing MMIF at IIIF 2021 conference!

AMIA 2020

2020-11-12: We present the CLAMS at a workshop at AMIA 2020 conference!

FantasticFutures 2019

2019-12-05: We present the CLAMS at a workshop at the Fantastic Futures 2019 conference!

In addition to the workshop, we present a lightning talk about CLAMS and the American Archive of Public Broadcasting.

JTS 2019

2019-10-5: We present at a workshop at JTS 2019 conference!


2019-06-07: Our paper is accepted at LaTeCH-CLfL workshop at NAACL 2019!